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Keep up the good work!
And... BOOYAH!

man that was goooood way good

man listen up. Loved it!

Graphics - coudn't do better
Style - loved the idea
Sound - suberb, fit well to the movie
Violence - needs explanation?
Interactivity - doors open with push and pull, and flashs play with play button and scene selection. That's all we need.
Humor - Yeah, humor violence! :P :P
Overall - Deserves a 10000000000000000000000000 and beyond...

You have mastered potential to flash, and that meanjs good work. Focus up and keep up the good work man!

for your first...

...is very good. I loved the history behind it. Too much tweening, but it's not a big thing. Loved too the voices you get from CS 1.5. Man, you could do the voices of the guys just speakin at your microphone (if you don't have one, buy it. It's very cheap). But at overall it's a very good flash. Keep up the good work, i'm awaiting your next flash.

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Cool info, good music, i liked the quiz.

Billy-Bean responds:

it takes an oldie to know a few of the questions, lol. thanks.


it's a nice point and click game. Loved the evolving scene (all of 'em). Play it, people!

can't wait to see full version

man, I always was a fan of FPA, and this version is better than before. love the new slide move you put there, the new elements, and still preserved the spirit of FPA 1. Man, only thing to complain: i think you can change the controles: move - arrom keys, jump - up arrow key, slide - Z key, open doors - spacebar. That's my opinion, but with the ormal controls you can still play good. Keep up good work man! That is what NG deserves.

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Dude this is awesome...

This is great, I'm thinking about doing some lyrics over this...
If I do anything I will let you know.

T-Free responds:

Great, would be awesome if you did! Thanks for the review! :P

Simply fierce!

What I like about your songs is that you always do something different and still good. This is just that. I can't remind of any other song like this one, and it is still good. Keep up the good work.

Good, nowhere near others, but good.

You Kinda got off balance here but it's very good. Kickass. You could do some work on it. A sugestion: you should do a twilight techno remix with more vibe. It would be good. Keep doing the good work.

My animation are like those bad internet servers: connecting... retrying 1... retrying 2... then when you decide to change the server, it happens all over again... trying this time to find a good server :P

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